FDR (Fast Dump Restore) security options are improperly specified.

From z/OS FDR for ACF2 STIG

Part of ZB000040

Associated with IA controls: ECCD-2, ECCD-1

Associated with: CCI-000035

SV-27074r1_rule FDR (Fast Dump Restore) security options are improperly specified.

Vulnerability discussion

Product configuration/parameters control the security and operational characteristics of products. If these parameter values are improperly specified, security and operational controls may be weakened. This exposure may threaten the availability of the product applications, and compromise the confidentiality of customer data.

Check content

a) The following steps are necessary for reviewing the FDR options: 1) Issue the following command on the command line at option 6 in TSO to bring up the FDR ISPF dialog: EXEC 'SYS2.FDR.Vxxxx.CLIST(ABRALLOC)' 2) Select 'I' on the FDR primary panel for INSTALL. 3) Select '4' on the FDR installation options panel to select SETOPT. 4) Verify the FDR Program Library Data Set on this panel specifies the following: Example: 'SYS2A.FDR.Vxxxx.LOADLIB'. 5) Select '1' for SECURITY OPTIONS. 6) Review the setting for ALLCALL Automated Analysis Refer to the following report produced by the z/OS Data Collection: - PDI(ZFDR0040) b) If ALLCALL is set to YES, there is NO FINDING. c) If ALLCALL is set to NO, this is a FINDING.

Fix text

The systems programmer will verify that the security option ALLCALL is set to Yes. 1) Execute the FDR ISPF dialog by entering the following on the command line: EXEC 'SYS2.FDR.VXXXX.CLIST(ABRALLOC)' 2) Select 'I' on the FDR PRIMARY OPTIONS MENU for INSTALL. 3) Select '4' on the INSTALLATION OPTIONS MENU to select SETOPT - SET INSTALLATION OPTIONS IN THE FDR GLOBAL OPTIONS TABLE. 4) Verify the FDR program library data set on this panel is set to the current LOADLIB. Example: 'SYS2A.FDR.Vxxxx.LOADLIB'. 5) Select '1' to select SECURITY OPTIONS. 6) On the SET FDR GLOBAL SECURITY OPTIONS, review the ALLCALL setting, ensure it is set to YES.

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