Non-routable IPv6 link-local scope addresses must not be configured in any zone.

From Microsoft Windows 2008 Server Domain Name System Security Technical Implementation Guide

Part of SRG-APP-000516-DNS-000500

Associated with: CCI-000366

SV-83293r1_rule Non-routable IPv6 link-local scope addresses must not be configured in any zone.

Vulnerability discussion

IPv6 link-local scope addresses are not globally routable and must not be configured in any DNS zone. Similar to RFC1918 addresses, if a link-local scope address is inserted into a zone provided to clients, most routers will not forward this traffic beyond the local subnet.

Check content

Log on to the DNS server using the Domain Admin or Enterprise Admin account. Press Windows Key + R, execute dnsmgmt.msc. On the opened DNS Manager snap-in from the left pane, expand the server name for the DNS server, and then expand Forward Lookup Zones. From the expanded list, click to select the zone. Expand the Forward Lookup Zones folder. Expand each zone folder and examine the host record entries. The third column titled “Data” will display the IP. Verify this column does not contain any IP addresses that begin with the prefixes "FE8", "FE9", "FEA", or "FEB". If any non-routable IPv6 link-local scope addresses are in any zone, this is a finding.

Fix text

The SA should remove any link-local addresses and replace with appropriate Site-Local or Global scope addresses.

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