Audit log folders must have mode 700 or less permissive.

From Apple OS X 10.11 Security Technical Implementation Guide

Part of SRG-OS-000057-GPOS-00027

Associated with: CCI-000162

SV-81971r1_rule Audit log folders must have mode 700 or less permissive.

Vulnerability discussion

The audit service must be configured to create log folders with the correct permissions to prevent normal users from reading audit logs. Audit logs contain sensitive data about the system and about users. If log folders are set to only be readable and writable by root or administrative users with sudo, the risk is mitigated.

Check content

To check the permissions of the audit log folder, run the following command: /usr/bin/sudo ls -lde $(/usr/bin/sudo /usr/bin/grep '^dir' /etc/security/audit_control | awk -F: '{print $2}') The results should show the permissions (first column) to be "700" or less permissive, if not, this is a finding.

Fix text

For any log folder that returns an incorrect permission value, run the following command: /usr/bin/sudo chmod 700 [audit log folder]

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