The vRealize Operations server must be configured to perform complete application deployments.

From VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.x Application Security Technical Implementation Guide

Part of SRG-APP-000225-AS-000153

Associated with: CCI-001190

SV-98859r1_rule The vRealize Operations server must be configured to perform complete application deployments.

Vulnerability discussion

Failure to a known secure state helps prevent a loss of confidentiality, integrity, or availability in the event of a failure of the information system or a component of the system.When an application is deployed to the application server, if the deployment process does not complete properly and without errors, there is the potential that some application files may not be deployed or may be corrupted and an application error may occur during runtime.The application server must be able to perform complete application deployments. A partial deployment can leave the server in an inconsistent state. Application servers may provide a transaction rollback function to address this issue.

Check content

Obtain the site configuration control policy from the ISSO. Review site procedures to determine if a site policy exists to verify vROps installation after release into a production environment. The site policy should ensure that the installation was a complete application deployment before users are allowed to conduct business. If a site policy does not exist or is not being followed, this is a finding.

Fix text

Develop a site configuration control policy to ensure deployments are completed before allowing users to use the production environment.

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