The Juniper SRX Services Gateway VPN must renegotiate the security association after 24 hours or less.

From Juniper SRX SG VPN Security Technical Implementation Guide

Part of SRG-NET-000517

Associated with: CCI-002361

SV-81133r1_rule The Juniper SRX Services Gateway VPN must renegotiate the security association after 24 hours or less.

Vulnerability discussion

When a VPN gateway creates an IPsec Security Association (SA), resources must be allocated to maintain the SA. These resources are wasted during periods of IPsec endpoint inactivity, which could result in the gateway’s inability to create new SAs for other endpoints, thereby preventing new sessions from connecting. The Internet Key Exchange (IKE) idle timeout may also be set to allow SAs associated with inactive endpoints to be deleted before the SA lifetime has expired, although this setting is not recommended at this time. The value of one hour or less is a common best practice.

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Review all IPsec security associations configured globally or within IPsec profiles on the VPN gateway and examine the configured idle time. The idle time value must be one hour or less. If idle time is not configured, determine the default used by the gateway. The default value is 28800 seconds. [edit] show security ike proposal View the value of the lifetime-seconds option. If the IKE security associations are not renegotiated after 24 hours or less of idle time, this is a finding. If the IKE proposal lifetime-seconds is not configured, this is not a finding.

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Specify the lifetime (in seconds) of an IKE security association (SA). When the SA expires, it is replaced by a new SA, the security parameter index (SPI), or terminated if the peer cannot be contacted for renegotiation. Example: [edit] set security ike proposal lifetime-seconds 86400

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