Part of RACF0400

Associated with IA controls: DCCS-1, DCCS-2

Associated with: CCI-000764 CCI-002233

SV-269r2_rule The JES(XBMALLRACF) SETROPTS value is not set to JES(XBMALLRACF).

Vulnerability discussion

(RACF0400: CAT II) XBMALLRACF ensures that (assuming you have JES configured to support XBM jobs) any XBM job submitted by a user must have a RACF identity or the jobwill fail. This is used only in JES2.The system-wide options control the default settings for determining how the ACP will function when handling requests for access to the operating system environment, ACP, and customer data. The ACP provides the ability to set a number of these fields at the subsystem level. If no setting is found, the system-wide defaults will be used. The improper setting of any of these fields, individually or in combination with another, can compromise the security of the processing environment. In addition, failure to establish standardized settings for the ACP control options introduces the possibility of exposure during migration process or contingency plan activation.

Check content

a) Refer to the following report produced by the RACF Data Collection: - RACFCMDS.RPT(SETROPTS) Automated Analysis Refer to the following report produced by the RACF Data Collection: - PDI(RACF0400) b) If the JES(XBMALLRACF) is enabled then the message "JES-XBMALLRACF OPTION IS ACTIVE" will be displayed, there is NO FINDING. c) If the message "JES-XBMALLRACF OPTION IS INACTIVE" is displayed, this is a FINDING.

Fix text

The IAO will ensure that JES(XBMALLRACF) SETROPTS value is set to JES(XBMALLRACF). This specifies that JES is set to test for a userid and password on the job statement or for propagated RACF identification information for all jobs run under the execution batch monitor. Evaluate the impact associated with implementation of the control option. Develop a plan of action to implement the control option as specified in the example below: The RACF Command SETR LIST will show the status of RACF Controls including a status of JES-XBMALLRACF. (1) XBMALLRACF is activated with the command SETR XBMALLRACF.

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