The network element’s OOBM interface must be configured with an OOBM network address.

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SV-20205r2_rule The network element’s OOBM interface must be configured with an OOBM network address.

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The OOBM access switch will connect to the management interface of the managed network elements. The management interface of the managed network element will be directly connected to the OOBM network. An OOBM interface does not forward transit traffic; thereby, providing complete separation of production and management traffic. Since all management traffic is immediately forwarded into the management network, it is not exposed to possible tampering. The separation also ensures that congestion or failures in the managed network do not affect the management of the device. If the OOBM interface does not have an IP address from the managed network address space, it will not have reachability from the NOC using scalable and normal control plane and forwarding mechanisms.

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After determining which interface is connected to the OOBM access switch, review the managed device configuration and verify that the interface has been assigned an address from the local management address block. In this example, that is Cisco router interface Fastethernet 0/0 description Enclave_Management_LAN ip address Cisco Catalyst MLS Switch interface VLAN 101 description Management_VLAN ip address … … interface FastEthernet1/6 switchport access vlan 101 switchport mode access or interface FastEthernet1/6 no switchport ip address Caveat: If the interface is configured as a routed interface as shown in the above configuration, the requirements specified in NOC180 must be implemented.

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Configure the OOB management interface with an IP address from the address space belonging to the OOBM network.

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