The network element must have DNS servers defined if it is configured as a client resolver.

From Perimeter Router Security Technical Implementation Guide Cisco

Part of DNS servers must be defined for client resolver.

SV-15330r2_rule The network element must have DNS servers defined if it is configured as a client resolver.

Vulnerability discussion

The susceptibility of IP addresses to spoofing translates to DNS host name and IP address mapping vulnerabilities. For example, suppose a source host wishes to establish a connection with a destination host and queries a DNS server for the IP address of the destination host name. If the response to this query is the IP address of a host operated by an attacker, the source host will establish a connection with the attackers host, rather than the intended target. The user on the source host might then provide logon, authentication, and other sensitive data.

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Review the device configuration to ensure that DNS servers have been defined if it has been configured as a client resolver (name lookup). The configuration should look similar to one of the following examples: ip domain-lookup ip name-server or no ip domain-lookup The first configuration example has DNS lookup enabled and hence has defined its DNS server. The second example has DNS lookup disabled. Note: ip domain-lookup is enabled by default. Hence it may not be shown—depending on the IOS release. If it is enabled, it will be shown near the beginning of the configuration.

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Configure the device to include DNS servers or disable domain lookup.

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